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Video for the song "La Mayo", from our third album "Forgetting The Present", directed by the amazing Sofia Stavropoulou:

"Magnets", from the "Forgetting The Present" album:

Video for our song "Scottish Widows" from "The Quickening" album, created by our dear friend Becky Manson.

"John Candy", a track from our album "The Quickening".

"Unclean Powers (Nobodaddy's Phantom Band Remix)", taken from our album of "Quickening" remixes "The Mixening"

Fantastic short film created and directed by Gregor Barclay for our song "Imagining Things", taken from our debut album.

"Get Good", a track from our 12" EP "RR Scorpii".

Video for our song "The Dancing", taken from our debut album, directed by the amazing Anna McCarthy.

From 2011, our version Angelo Badalamenti's "Falling (Theme From "Twin Peaks)", performed live for Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland.