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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Present The Forgetting

I am very happy to announce that Remember Remember will be performing at the West End Festival All Dayer at the Oran Mor, Glasgow, on Sunday 21st of June, 2015.

It is less happily that I announce that this will be the bands final performance together.

The last 8 years were a meticulously unplanned adventure that saw us play in a Planetarium,  an Ice Arena and an indoor Firework Display made of cardboard...that had us attempting, and succeeding, to cram a Pink Floyd-esque amount of equipment onto the smallest stages across the British Isles.  A grandiose, prog rock 'fuck off' to an age of austerity.

Remember Remember was never supposed to be a 'band' in the conventional sense, more of an open collective with members free to come and go whenever they pleased.  I'm eternally grateful to everyone that played at any gig and any record, and particularly to the the guys that stayed, and made me realise that a 'conventional band' isn't a bad thing after, like most things, is much more fun with friends.

I'm never going  to stop writing music, but they'll never be another band like this. I'm posting an older portrait of us from when Steven was still playing with us, I regret that we never did a shoot when Joan was still in the band.

Please come down to the show at Oran Mor and celebrate with us, we love you and we will always:

Remember Remember